Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programmes and Adsense

Blogging from home

I have been using both Adsense and Japanese Affiliate programmes since 2003.
There have been ups and downs, but I’m still using them.

So if you ask me,

“How can I make money from blogging?”

I would say

“Try Adsense and Affiliate programmes.“


If you are totally new to Adsense, have a look at this short video. (Less than 2 minutes)

Or read Make Money Online Through Website Monetization – Google Adsense


For Affiliate programmes, check A Step by Step image below.

Click here to view a larger version.
How Affiliate Marketing Works
[Image provided courtesy of the Sugarrae affiliate marketing blog.]


My best trial and error blogging tip is:
Decide what you are going to write first. Make sure to pick a topic, which you LOVE or are very much interested in.



In 2001, I started a business aiming to develop commercial websites for clients after gaining a diploma in Internet Technology.
I always had a simple question in my mind.

“Why don’t website developers have their own eCommerce sites if they are good enough to develop profitable websites?”

When I learned about Adsense and Affiliate programmes, I decided to develop my own websites to see if I can make them profitable.

I started with three websites as an experiment. (All of them were in Japanese though.)

  • New Zealand Wine – the general information and restaurants and liquor shops, which have New Zealand wine, in Japan.
  • Idea Gifts – unique gift ideas for different occasions.
  • Ways to make your Japanese English work – tips from real life experiences.

There were fewer competitors back then and I was lucky enough to attract many users. I added Adsense (Ad spaces) and Affiliate programmes (Ad banners, and relevant product links and product images) to them.

It was a real trial and error process.

When my websites started making some money, I added more websites and blogs in a topic which had a better potential to generate revenue.
It worked for the short term, but didn’t work for the long term, at least for me.

It is hard to engage with the websites/blogs if you aren’t genuinely interested in the topics.
If you aren’t, how can website users engage with the website/blog?


So blog about something you really love or something you are genuinely interested in.
Then find keywords and sub topics, which have the best potential to generate revenue, within it.

Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner are both good places to get some ideas for that.

Happy blogging!



Useful blog links:

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